How to State Girlfriend From inside the Japanese (5 Various methods)

How to State Girlfriend From inside the Japanese (5 Various methods)

Every spring season, a few lovely and you will romantic occurrences is known when you look at the The japanese: Valentine’s day (March 14) and you may White Date (February fourteen). For the Valentine’s, the ladies show the love and you will enjoy into tall people within their lifetime, constantly of the gifting her or him chocolates! The male is expected to function thirty day period later on White Date.

Following this fateful exchange, people belong like and stay people! The term to have ‘girlfriend’ within the Japanese are kanojo (?? / ????), however, there are many a method to state they. Why don’t we learn them along with her!

  1. Kanojo
  2. Koibito
  3. Garufurendo
  4. Paatonaa
  5. Motokanojo
  6. What do you label your girl for the Japanese?


The high quality Japanese phrase getting ‘girlfriend’ was kanojo (?? / ????). This word can be utilized because of the anybody in different options.

Kono bentou wa watashi zero kanojo ga tsukutte kureta.??????????????????? ???? ? ??? ? ???? ? ????????My personal partner made which bento.

When you find yourself already accustomed very first Japanese, you should understand it word entails ‘her’. How will you let them know apart? Almost everything relates to new context.

Kanojo such as ‘girlfriend’ usually cannot realize an overview of exactly who the subject is actually. For those who expose someone earliest, next switch to utilising the pronoun kanojo, this is usually knew due to the fact pronoun ‘her’.

It’s okay to state watashi zero kanojo (???? / ????????) to be clear that you’re discussing your girl. Native sound system, no matter if, tend to explore another person’s name with the compatible honorific instead off personal pronouns.


Koibito (?? / ????) is the Japanese phrase to have ‘sweetheart’ or ‘lover’. Continue reading “How to State Girlfriend From inside the Japanese (5 Various methods)”